Third Party API Integration

Travel API Integration

We at Samshikhar Softech Pvt Ltd offer the services of integration. We are partner with all major providers in market that are Akbar, Riya, Via, Herms. etravelSmart and Tbo. Our technical team integrates the data of consolidator according to your needs which provides you a platform to cater the needs of your customers.

We integrate travel api on your travel website, we respond instantly to the dynamic flight/hotel/bus and vacation package data. the api makes it possible to take all of the products and their vacation functions directly on your website connected data centers deliver fast, reliable data feeds to your applications.

Flight API Integration:

Travel agent feels that the present product portfolio needs some modification, Flight Ticket Booking API Integration would act as a base. With this a travel agency will be able to add yet another product on the site and that too in a way that it gets easy for customers to compare and make bookings with ease.

A flight ticket API only the customers would benefit the travel agent would notice a boost in the income; it is just that the focus should be on adding to the existing product range. flight API is the best solution that is primarily used to distribute services of top LCCs and B2B solutions can definitely benefit from this. Once the API integration process gets over the travel agency can start selling products.

Hotel API Integration:

Travel4Softech integrates Hotel API into customers's website according requirement. The hospitality industry is to progress their customer's experience. How can they do this? Hotel XML/API Integration is an easy way of achieving this goal. Every day new technology is emerging in the hospitality industry helping leading hotel businesses to have a separate position.

Bus API Integration:

We integrate Bus API into customers's website according custommer needs. If you are having an online travel agency and looking for bus API to integrate into your system, I must recommend you to connect with us. We understand how much it is important to provide services that include the whole package of travel content and in a country like India, where bus is one of the easiest and popular modes of transport, connecting both highways and rural areas. We provide bus booking service to clients; you need to get access to the inventory of bus service first and it can be possible through technology.

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